Single Bed Isolation Room

Critically ill patients in isolation must be cared for and treated in a well-designed environment. Consideration must be given to ensure maximum observation and space for nursing staff to provide the best levels of care, and technology must be in place to ensure the risk of transmission of infection to and from other critically ill patients nearby is minimised.

ADB – B0308

  1. Large window to maximise observation from the corridor for nursing
  2. Nurse access from gowning lobby
  3. Clinical hand wash area
  4. Air control to provide source or protective isolation for patients at risk or liable to infect others i.e. negative pressure
  5. Built-in Ultra-V Connect™ ultraviolet (UV-C) decontamination to minimise transmission of infections
  6. External views and natural daylight for patients
  7. Resuscitation trolley and associated equipment
  8. Patient access/egress