Single bed bays design

Single bed bays allow patients to be in their own recovery space, helps to improve infection control and increases privacy for the patient and their visitors while also optimising nurse observation.

This modular suite can also be used as an isolation room. Critically ill patients in isolation must be cared for and treated in a well-designed environment. Consideration must be given to ensure maximum observation and space for nursing staff to provide the best levels of care, and technology must be in place to ensure the risk of transmission of infection to and from other critically ill patients nearby is minimised.

Repeatable rooms – single bed bay design

Patients may be ambulant, in a wheelchair or on a trolley or bed, therefore a mobile hoist may be used to aid transportation to the bed.

Storage for personal belongings is secured within the room along with en-suite facilities to allow for easy access for patients 

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Webinar: The Journey Towards Single In-Patient Rooms

In this round-the-table discussion, Jaime Bishop, Co-Chair of Architects for Health; Warren Edwards, Project Director at Health Spaces; Paula Miller, Chief Nursing Projects Officer (New Hospital Team); and Diane Goodwin, Operations Director for the New Hospital Programme, shared the journey taken by James Paget University Hospital as the Trust develops a new 28 bedded decant ward.

Highlighting the journey of the ward layout designs, the team demonstrated how they were able to incorporate the guidance of the New Hospital Programme (NHP), evolving layout designs to include 71% single-bed rooms. Watch the recording here.