Built-in Infection Control

Forward-thinking technology

Working alongside our sister company Inivos®, and as part of the wider healthcare offering within SHS, we have access to years of experience and understanding of infection control, prevention methods and technologies.

The result of this for our customers is a streamlined thought process to integrate best practices, tried-and-tested methodology and automated technology into our solutions. We design a space that goes beyond the obvious clinical need and incorporates the necessary technologies to reduce added pressures, such as infection control.

Our expertise enables better consideration of the following:

  • Increase use, capacity and turnaround of side rooms with creative solutions for nursing observation
  • Designing rooms for decontamination with multiple sealed spaces allowing for optimum cycle times
  • Going beyond HTM (Health Technical Memoranda) to provide world-class air purification
  • Self-disinfecting rooms with built-in, automated decontamination
  • Infection control initiatives and solutions

Visit inivos.com and discover our link to cutting-edge infection control methods, products and services.