Disinfection of Patient Care Equipment

Patient Equipment Cleaning Centre

Reduce capacity pressures, release more nursing time to care and improve cleanliness of equipment.

Our Patient Equipment Cleaning Centre (PECC) introduces a dedicated, centralised facility for cleaning, decontaminating and storing patient equipment that enables a ward to be more effective by allowing more focus towards patients whilst thorough cleaning of used/contaminated equipment is conducted away from the area.

This simple change of system provides a wealth of benefits to hospitals, staff and patients.

How it works

The Patient Equipment Cleaning Centre utilises an effective one-way system to avoid cross-contamination of equipment in a proven and efficient manner, helping to control infection risks and increase the quality of patient care.

After every discharge, a runner removes all patient equipment and leaves it in a dirty storage zone. A clean set is immediately collected and returned to the space, which has been given a clinical clean.

Step 1: Dirty Store

After every patient discharge/transfer, dirty patient equipment is taken from the ward to the PECC by runners and booked into Dirty Storage.

Step 2: Manual Clean

With much more space to work in away from the busy ward, equipment is stripped down, manually wiped down and steam cleaned.

Step 3: Decontamination

Equipment is decontaminated with hydrogen peroxide vapour in sealable designated rooms or purpose-built decontamination chambers.

Step 4: Clean Store

After steps 2 and 3 of manual clean and decontamination, equipment is covered and left in sets in the clean storage area ready for collection.


Reduce the amount of time nurses spend cleaning patient equipment, allowing them to care for patients


Rapid turnaround of spaces after every discharge or transfer increases the number of beds available for patients


A dedicated hub that provides thorough manual cleaning and decontamination of patient equipment


Full implementation and training provided with cleanliness auditing and reporting systems


Increased patient confidence in the cleanliness standards within the hospital

Decontamination expertise

One key benefit of the PECC is the use of hydrogen peroxide (HPV) decontamination via Inivos’ ProXcide®. This automated decontamination robot enables validated disinfection and deactivation of HPV in under 1 hour. All of which is achieved safely with constant monitoring within a purpose-built decontamination chamber.

Making PECC work for you

We understand that every hospital and ward has its own procedures in place and we work with facilitation teams to incorporate PECC into their routine by following our step-by-step process plan that walks through the design and planning, construction and installation and finally the implementation, training and on-going service.