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With over eight years of experience in the construction industry, Kelvin is one of the founding members of Health Spaces, along with Rick Fentiman. Kelvin has overall responsibility for the direction of Health Spaces and ensures we continue to be an enabler for the NHS to build better healthcare, faster.

Kelvin has been working in the construction industry since 2014 and is professionally trained in AutoCAD and design. Starting his career at our sister company Inivos®, a leading global med-tech business for the NHS and also part of the SHS group of companies, Kelvin has access to years of healthcare experience, clinical environments and a deep understanding of infection prevention and control methods and technologies.

Kelvin works closely with our Clinical Review Panel of current NHS and ex-healthcare professionals to harness the collective knowledge within current healthcare needs to help create and design solutions that go beyond the obvious clinical need – ensuring there is a an understanding of what is required from both the patient and nursing aspects of a hospital environment.

Working with Trusts across the UK from the very beginning of their design journey, our award-winning team of healthcare architects and construction specialists deliver integrated end-to-end expertise to support the NHS in building better healthcare, faster. Overseeing all design and build healthcare construction projects from start to finish, working alongside our design, commercial and construction teams, Kelvin is responsible for ensuring the team consistently delivers excellent quality and innovation for our NHS partners.

Actively promoting healthcare design, Kelvin is a member of Architects for Health, a not-for-profit organisation which shares best practice, knowledge, innovation and thought leadership to help drive better healthcare environments by bringing together individuals and organisations who share an interest in excellence in the planning and design of healthcare facilities.

Kelvin is passionate about putting more NHS healthcare assets into the heart of local communities, and has written widely about the benefits to Health on the High Street™ in ensuring healthcare can be accessed right where it is most needed.



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