Community Diagnostic Centres: WEBINAR RECORDING 15th July

Webinar recording | CDCs – Delivering the Challenge

In this live Q&A session teams from Wood Green Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) and the Poole outpatient assessment clinic share learnings and experiences from setting up their centres. The team used examples from their work to offer advice, share expertise and unpack some of the most demanding challenges faced – from finding suitable locations, feasibility studies, design and CQC, to sustainability of models, efficiency of operations, managing multiple stakeholders and timescales.

Questions asked:

  • How early do you need to bring a supply chain in and what are the key skills required?
  • What are the issues an early feasibility study should focus on?
  • How have you brought clinical and specialist technical input into the design?
  • How have you engaged with the public?
  • What can you expect from partners by way of support and engagement?
  • How have you managed risk during both the feasibility and delivery stages?
  • What have been the operational issues you have had to manage and how have those been mitigated?


Both CDC projects have had their challenges, learnt lessons on the way, and remain work in progress, but are useful in guiding other CDC projects following in their paths. Estates leads from NHS England/London joined the discussion to align the strategic level CDC discussions with the need to deliver on the ground.

NHS speakers:

Nicola Theron Director of Estates at North Central London STP

Andrea Craig Project Director at Whittington Health NHS Trust,

Nancy Silva Regional Estates Delivery Director – London for NHS England and NHS Improvement

Jonathan Fisher – North Central Programme Lead

Ashleigh Boreham Deputy Director of Design and Transformation at NHS Dorset

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