Health on the High Street™ – White Paper (Sept 2022)

Health on the High Street™ – an updated view

Early last year we published a paper exploring the opportunities to deliver Health On The High Street, a concept outlined in an NHS Confederation Paper in December 2020 which involves re-purposing vacant high street properties to deliver healthcare services.

Given the steady decline of British high streets over the last 10 years and an ever-growing waiting list in the NHS, the premise is a relatively simple one; create a cost-effective solution to expand NHS capacity, whilst at the same time rejuvenating the high street and bringing people back to the heart of the local community.

Fast forward 18 months

As we emerge from the Covid pandemic, we wanted to further explore and understand the impact that the Covid pandemic has had on both the NHS and local high streets.

The following paper specifically focuses the growing problem for both the NHS and the high street, but in addition we also look at how healthy high streets are now starting to become a reality. With the need, therefore, greater than ever, we look at some of the enterprising NHS Trusts putting Health On the High Street into practice to understand what it takes to turn the concept into a viable reality.

Outlined in this updated white paper are some of the stories, emerging benefits and lessons learned from real world examples, as well as some thoughts on how you could take the Health On The High Street concept even further.

Download your copy

To download a copy of this paper as well as all of our webinars, visit our NHS resources page.


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