WEBINAR RECORDING 22ND FEB: Health on the High Street™

If you were not able to attend the first of our Health on the High Street™ webinars, Community Diagnostics on Your High Street, you can watch the discussion with Ashleigh Boreham, Dorset CCG, and Jaime Bishop, co-founder of Fleet Architects, here. As part of the discussion, Ashleigh and Jaime also run a Q&A, looking at pathways, funding structures and compliance.

Setting up a Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC)

In this first webinar in our Health on the High Street™ series, we are joined with Ashleigh Boreham, deputy director of design and transformation at Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, and Jaime Bishop, founder of Fleet Architects to discuss the setting up of the  Community Diagnostic Centre in Poole. Established in Beale’s department store, the CDC has been described as a first of its kind.


Inside a Community Diagnostic Centre

The CDC at Poole is an example of healthcare in the community in practice. In the recording above you can see in detail the plans and supporting documents from University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust, which helped to form the business case for the diagnostic centre.


Health on the High Street™

As a dedicated NHS construction company, Health Spaces support NHS Trusts across the UK to create clinical spaces in vacant retail and light industrial buildings. Our goal is to help our NHS partners reduce patient waiting lists.

Health on the High Street™ offers a very simple solution to solve two high-profile social and economical issues: helping to alleviate hospital pressures and patient waiting times while bringing footfall and life back to ailing high streets.

Health Spaces offer NHS Trusts an operating lease of fully fitted, fully compliant, multi-purpose clinical spaces in high street locations throughout the UK. This is a fast-track and cost-effective way of upscaling capacity, and is proving a popular way of tackling growing RTT waiting times in elective care.

The Health on the High Street™ model is also an excellent solution for accommodating Community Diagnostic Hubs in the region. If you would like to discuss the model further or require guidance through funding options available, please get in touch and a member of the team will be able to help you.

Find out more at health-spaces.com.

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