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Wood Green CDC: A Live Case Study | 25th May 1pm -1.45pm

Registration for our next Health on the High Streetwebinar is now open, click here to register your place.   

Our next webinar hosted by Michael Wood, Head of Health Economic Partnerships at NHS Confederation, and Andrea Craig, Project Director at Whittington Health NHS Trust, will discuss the development and set up of a live CDC – Wood Green Community Diagnostic Centre, which is due to open this summer, and the prevailing policy agenda supporting this innovative thinking.

With less than 60 days to go until the centre’s opening, in part one of this webinar Andrea will highlight key challenges and successes as the Community Diagnostic Centre’s build draws to a close – from a summary of the complex project management and day-to-day pressures and tasks, to sharing insight into challenges overcome and in progress. In part two, Michael and Andrea will discuss the wider issues, policies and solutions to help ease the set up of Community Diagnostic Centres across the UK as part of the government’s drive to bring health to the high street. An audience Q&A session will be included.

If you have any questions you would like answering, please do feel free to send ahead of the webinar by emailing info@health-spaces.com. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar. To be added to our webinar mailing list so you can be kept up to date of all future webinar events, please contact us at info@health-spaces.com.

Michael Wood – NHS Confederation

Michael is the Head of Health Economic Partnerships at the NHS Confederation. Prior to this he developed and held the role of NHS local growth adviser from 2015, for some of this time working as deputy local growth consultant for the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). Before that, Michael was senior European policy manager at the NHS European Office for more than seven years. He has also worked for the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman and for a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels.

As head of health economic partnerships, Michael advises NHS leaders nationally and locally on policy, strategy, partnerships and funding relating to areas such as skills and workforce, estates, innovation, population health and finance.

Michael currently holds national advisory positions on the Civic University Network, AccessHE and the Midlands Engine Health Board, as well as working part-time for NHS London advising on an anchor network. In December 2020, Michael wrote a paper on Health on the High Street™, exploring how integrating health services into local high streets can generate economic, social and health benefits for local communities.

Health on the High Street™ – Michael Wood &  Susie Finlayson

In this research paper, Michael and Susie looked at how integrating health services into local high streets can generate economic, social and health benefits for local communities.

In August 2020, leaders from the NHS, local government, community businesses and a range of invited experts attended a roundtable event, which revealed an appetite to reimagine our relationship with the high street and realise the role of health in supporting economic and social recovery, particularly in light of COVID-19.

This report summarises the roundtable discussions and provides recommendations of how the NHS, local authorities and local enterprise partnerships can seize the opportunity to put health at the heart of our place to address health inequalities, offer additional capacity for health service delivery and attract more people into their local high street, while encouraging healthier lifestyles.

Key points

The NHS is seeking to reset its services and priorities in light of COVID-19, with an increasing recognition of the role it could have in wider community issues, such as influencing the social determinants of health and building sustainable communities.

The nature of the COVID-19 pandemic can act as a timely opportunity to radically re-think which NHS services could be more effectively and appropriately delivered in communities. This can be done in ways that make our high streets more economically and socially sustainable and the services themselves more accessible.

There are immediate opportunities for the NHS to become directly involved in the high street policy agenda, including:

  • running health services from vacant property, including vaccination programmes
  • broadening the range of services provided within communities
  • supporting and participating in the design of healthy communities and places

Developing a healthier high street does not have to cost more than the current system and could have significant economic advantages for local communities, local authorities and property owners.

Local authorities have a particularly important role to play in developing and embedding health on the high street principles. The NHS is well placed to work with them to assist in developing an approach that better understands the social and economic potential of health, as well as strengthening the role of communities in decision making, and ownership and use of high street spaces.

Through the NHS Reset campaign, the NHS Confederation and Power to Change are working with national and local leaders from a broad range of sectors to understand the critical role the health sector can play as places look to recover economically and socially from the pandemic.

(c) NHS Confederation 2022. To read the full Health on the High Street™ report, visit the NHS Confederation’s website.

Andrea Craig

Andrea Craig, Project Director at Whittington Health NHS Trust, has an extensive background in the health sector, having worked in the healthcare industry throughout her career. Specialising in general and interim management, business planning, marketing strategy, operational and project management, Andrea has a proven track record as a driving force to successful project launches.

Working with NHS and private healthcare providers and funders, Andrea has experience of start-ups, turnarounds, capital and organisational challenges; with extensive experience of launching projects within the healthcare sector, Andrea brings a commitment and focus to make projects come to life.

Hosted by Whittington Health NHS Trust, the Wood Green CDC will be launched in two phases to accommodate different assessment services. The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust is also a stakeholder within the project too.

Health on the High Street™

A development of our re-purposing healthcare construction services, Health Spaces has supported Trusts across the UK to create clinical spaces in vacant retail and light industrial buildings.

Our Health on the High Street™ model offers NHS Trusts a turnkey solution to provide fully fitted, fully compliant, multi-purpose clinical spaces in high street locations throughout the UK, either as a leased facility or as a design and build project. This is a fast-track and cost-effective way of upscaling capacity and is proving a popular way of tackling growing RTT waiting times in elective care and diagnostics.

To find our more about our Health on the High Street™ model, book an appointment with our healthcare design team who will be happy to demonstrate the model and our live Health on the High Street™ case studies.

You can also watch our animation video showcasing our Health on the High Street ™ model to see how it works and the benefits it can bring to reducing patient waiting lists and improving staff experience.

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