Health Spaces welcomes the budget announcement of additional funding to help clear the elective backlog

Health Spaces welcomes the announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak in today’s budget of an extra £5.9bn capital funding package for the NHS.

Rishi Sunak announced that £2.1bn will go towards digitising the NHS, while the remaining £3.8bn will go towards getting the “NHS back on track”, with investment being channelled into diagnostic services, surgical hubs and boosting bed capacity.

With NHS waiting list at record levels, with the latest figures showing 5.7 million people are currently on an NHS waiting list awaiting treatment, the commitment to invest in diagnostics and surgical hubs is a welcome one which has the potential to play a critical role in reducing the elective backlog.

Health Spaces have long supported the Royal College of Surgeons calls for the proliferation of surgical hubs, which expand the NHS capacity and help it to begin making a dent in the growing waiting lists.

Additionally, Health Spaces are pleased that the Government is committing to deliver the key recommendation from the Sir Mike Richard’s Report into NHS Diagnostic Services and called for the creation of Community Diagnostic Hubs to increase the UK’s diagnostic capacity. Diagnostics are key to helping the NHS identify conditions early, helping the NHS to treat patients before conditions become more complex as well as enabling patients to make changes in their lifestyle to prevent conditions worsening.

Health Spaces are the UK’s only healthcare construction company dedicated to NHS fast-track design and build, offering turn-key solutions for both new build or re-purposing projects. Underpinned with expert knowledge in healthcare, Health Spaces work with NHS Trusts to create modern clinical spaces that meet the exacting requirements of practicality, budget and infection control.

Kelvin Moulding, Category Director from Health Spaces stated: “We welcome the Chancellors decision to invest additional capital funding into increasing diagnostic services in the NHS as well as create new surgical hubs. At Health Spaces we are experts in the design and build of healthcare spaces, able to work with the NHS to rapidly repurpose or expand their estate to support hospitals as they seek to recover from the pandemic.”

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