WEBINAR RECORDING 22nd March: How do you set up a Community Diagnostic Centre? Alexandra Pinches, NHS England

Re-watch the Q&A webinar with Alexandra Pinches, NHS England

This month our webinar was hosted by Alexandra Pinches, Head of Community Diagnostic Centre Programme for NHS England, and Philippa Slinger, former NHS Chief Executive.

If you missed Alexandra’s presentation you can re-watch the webinar here. A copy of the PowerPoint slides can also be downloaded here.


Setting Up Community Diagnostics Centres: Next Steps (2022-25)

During this webinar Alexandra Pinches and Philippa Slinger discussed the strategic case for setting up a Community Diagnostic Centre. The presentation covered all aspects of how to set up a Community Diagnostic Centre, why Community Diagnostic Centres are being set up (the ask), current progress moving away from year 1 and how to access support for local initiatives.

Topics included how to write and submit a strategic outline case for a Community Diagnostic Centre (including common mistakes that prevent approval), funding structure and timelines, presenting the case, year 2 progress to delivery of all Community Diagnostic Centre facilities falling under one of three Community Diagnostic Centre archetypes (standard models, large models and hub and spoke models), minimum diagnostics for large, standard and hub Community Diagnostic Centres, procurement routes and compliance. The session included an audience Q&A with Alexandra.

“Community Diagnostic Centres will deliver additional, digitally connected, diagnostic capacity in England, providing patients with a coordinated set of diagnostic tests in the community, in as few visits as possible, enabling an accurate and fast diagnosis on a range of a clinical pathways.” NHS England.


Diagnostics Transformation Programme

The planning guidance (December 2021) contained the following actions:

  • Increase diagnostic activity to a minimum of 120% of pre-pandemic levels across 2022/23.
  • Develop investment plans that lay the foundations for further expansion of capacity through CDCs.
  • Use targeted capital allocations to:

Increase the number of endoscopy rooms, levelling up to a guide level of 3.5 rooms per 100,000 popn. > 50 years of age.

Upgrade endoscopy units that have yet to meet Joint Advisory Group (JAG) on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy accreditation.

Invest in CT capacity to support expansion the Target Lung Health Checks programme from 2023/24.

Develop additional digitally connected imaging capacity and ensure that acute sites have a minimum of two CT scanners.

Procure new breast screening units to deliver the 36-month cycle.

(Pathology and imaging networks to) complete delivery of their diagnostic digital roadmaps.

Deliver at least a 10% improvement in productivity by 2024/25 via digital diagnostics.

  • Ensure pathology networks reach ‘maturing’ status for delivery of pathology services on maturity framework by 2024/25.
  • Meet the requirements of all national data collections.
  • Use operational capital to reduce the backlog of diagnostic equipment replacement over 10 years old.


A full copy of the PowerPoint slides can be downloaded here: How to set up a Community Diagnostic Centre. 

Health on the High Street™

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Health on the High Street™ offers a very simple solution to solve two high-profile social and economical issues: helping to alleviate hospital pressures and waiting times while bringing footfall and life back to ailing high streets.

Health Spaces offer NHS Trusts an operating lease of fully fitted, fully compliant, multi-purpose clinical spaces in high street locations throughout the UK. This is a fast-track and cost-effective way of upscaling capacity, and is proving a popular way of tackling growing RTT waiting times in elective care.

The Health on the High Street ™ model is also an excellent solution for accommodating community diagnostic hubs in the region.


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