Infection prevention and control in healthcare facilities: healthcare design

Infection prevention and control in healthcare facilities

In our recent webinar, Community Diagnostics on Your High Street, Ashleigh Boreham, Dorset CCG, and Jaime Bishop, co-founder of Fleet Architects and co-chair of Architects for Health, explored the new Community Diagnostic Centre in the shopping centre in Poole.

In this section, Ashleigh explains how infection control was built into the healthcare design from the outset; the design of the community diagnostic centre was made COVID-proof and infection prevention and control within the healthcare facility was part of the design from the very beginning. Ashleigh explains that a key advantage of using large, empty retail spaces is that infection control and prevention can be implemented immediately into the design of the space, rather than having to navigate around the space issues that can often come with using an existing hospital site.

How do you manage any infectious risk that comes with any patient segregation needed? How was infection prevention and control managed in the healthcare facility?

Ashleigh explains: “We’ve got patient corridors and staff corridors – so in a traditional model you are mixing patients and staff and visitors.  We don’t. So first of all your flow is different. They are not mixing.

“The second thing is I’ve got a very simple colour coding it each room – green on, red off; it’s a very simple, little flag system. When a room has been finished with, it stays red and the servicing team goes in for a complete wipe down, cleans and prepares the room. The room then goes green ready to receive next patients.

“What we learnt from the Nightingales is that you have to have colour codes; you need to create flows. Everything is different colours.

“…The infection control team were absolutely co-designing the way we were going to use this building… they identified risks and engineered the risks out by the way we designed the building.

“Get infection control to co-design it from the outset and you can do amazing things.”

To watch Ashleigh’s full explanation, you can watch the webinar clip here.

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Infection prevention and control in healthcare design

Working alongside our sister company Inivos®, and as part of the wider healthcare offering within SHS, Health Spaces have access to years of experience and understanding of infection control, prevention methods and technologies in healthcare facilities.

The result of this for our NHS customers is a streamlined thought process to integrate best practices, tried-and-tested methodology and automated technology into our healthcare building solutions. We design a healthcare space that goes beyond the obvious clinical need and incorporates the necessary technologies to reduce added pressures, such as infection control.

To find out more about how we incorporate infection control and prevention into our healthcare design, get in touch.



Images copyright: University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust.

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