BBC: James Paget University Hospital – Modular wards could be blueprint for NHS

Earlier this week James Paget University Hospital and Health Spaces were featured by the BBC in a special report covering the assembly of modular hospital wards. According to the government, modular hospitals could become a blueprint for how all NHS builds are built in the future.

The article looked at the benefits of MMC as well as the hospital’s new concept ward, which is being used by clinicians to trial various principles relating to the New Hospital Programme (NHP). Working closely with a team of architects and modular build specialists at Health Spaces, the James Paget University Hospital team have been able to incorporate 71% single patient rooms alongside multi-bed bays.

“We also have a small four-bedded bay which staggers the offset of our beds, which enables us to improve our infection control and improve privacy and dignity for patients” – Paul Morris, Chief Nurse.

Stuart Rawson, contract manager at Health Spaces, agreed advances in technology meant the construction would be of better quality. Explaining to the BBC, Stuart advised that by building the modular hospital buildings in a factory it ensured that the main infrastructure work, drainage and foundations could be carried out at the same time, reducing the programme time for the NHS and reducing disruption on site for patients and staff.

“We can save approximately 50% off the build time off-site, so where a project would normally take two years, we can probably construct that in 12 months – it’s a lot faster.” – Stuart Rawson, Health Spaces.

Read the full BBC article here: Modular Wards Could Be Blueprint For NHS.


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