Webinar: Single patient rooms & new hospital design

A Concept Ward for Single In-Patient Rooms | Webinar | 24th April 11am -12pm

An opportunity to create a “test” environment for staff and patients

“The lessons learned from this Concept Ward will be used to inform a new hospital build. Given the unique opportunity this presents to inform a new hospital building, we also have an opportunity to test ideas, cultural practices and modern recommendations in our decant ward area, such as, a complete hospital to have 100% single side rooms…” – Paul Morris – Chief Nurse, James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

 In this webinar Paul Morris, Chief Nurse at James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Jaime Bishop, Healthcare Architect and Co-Chair of Architects for Health, examine the process undertaken in co-designing James Paget University Hospital’s new Concept Ward – discussing the objectives and learnings that single rooms will bring to future hospital builds at the Trust, as well as how hospitals can bridge from where they are now to 100% single rooms – as advised by the New Hospital Programme (NHP).

NHP has stated that all new hospitals are to be built with single rooms only. The commitment to single rooms represents a major change to traditional British multi-bed wards, and the effects on hospital design are likely to require amendments to many NHS Trusts’ current proposals.

“The aim of this study is to study the benefits of a hybrid ward environment incorporating single occupancy rooms and smaller multiple occupancy rooms and analysing the ward, patient, and experiences of staff as a whole system.” – Paul Morris, Chief Nurse.

The concept ward will act as a critical stepping stone to designing and building the Trust’s brand new hospital.


  • Thinking: understanding existing research, the process of innovative co-design
  • Objectives & learnings from single rooms: for the wider hospital and future builds
  • Key lessons for NHS Trusts as they move to 100% single rooms

An audience Q&A session will be included.

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