How do you staff a Community Diagnostic Centre?

In our recent webinar, Community Diagnostics on Your High Street, Ashleigh Boreham, Dorset CCG, and Jaime Bishop, co-founder of Fleet Architects and co-chair of Architects for Health, explored the new Community Diagnostic Centre in the shopping centre in Poole. While there was a lot of positivity around the successes of the hub’s set up, questions which arose from many NHS Trusts were centred around the staffing CDCs and how the workforce resource can be managed.



The CDC at Poole offers a range of diagnostic services. How do you address the staffing needs?

Ashleigh Boreham explains: “The idea is to use the same work force – lift and shift – into a new space that they co-designed to work differently, that works better for them. We haven’t increased our work force  – well we have very slightly, with one or two extra technicians but that is all.

The beauty of these models is about people operating at the top of their licence.

“The importance of Allied Healthcare Professionals being absolutely key to success because the consultant sees the patient when they need to see the patient, and the run ups are done by the appropriate people. The only extra staff were the operational support team and here we’re talking about the operations manager and volunteer co-ordinators, who are really key and who work in the operations room that sustain the facility, a bit like how I’ve described going to a serviced office. When you turn up to a serviced office, you can take your team to a serviced office – it’s the same team but all the things that hamper you are put on for you – your illustrations, your digital. You are serviced better, you maximise your time there and then you leave.”

It’s using the same workforce by taking away a lot of the burden that that workforce has in a traditional healthcare setting, and maybe a hospital.


To watch Ashleigh’s full explanation of the challenges involved in setting up the community diagnostic hub, you can watch the webinar clip here.

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