Specialists in Healthcare Design


We create spaces to help improve patient experience and clinical outcome. Before progressing to the design stage, we will work closely with you to understand your Trust’s needs, strategy and scope of work. Our detailed discovery into your clinical requirement helps to greenlight schemes and enables the design programme to begin.


With a deep understanding of healthcare architecture and clinical environments, our designers will combine architecture, interior design and detailed clinical planning to create a lasting solution that fulfils your specific needs, all within a time-frame that can help to build better healthcare, faster.

Health and healing

We believe that architecture is the most powerful tool for solving problems for useful buildings, and no design project is more important or challenging than designing for health and healing.

“Working together with Health Spaces we can draw on decades of experience from our focus on healthcare architecture and its impact on health and healing. We share a passion for the NHS, supporting the evolution of the service to find solutions that meet the urgent needs of the post-pandemic backlog and neglected estates.”

– Jaime Bishop, Co-Chair of Architects for Health.

What makes a good healthcare building?

Building for the future

As a designer and builder of nurturing healthcare environments, we ensure that our buildings are designed to withstand the demands placed upon them, and can adapt to advances in technology and changing models of care.

We also have a duty of care to ensure we consider the future impact on our environment. The full life-cycle of the building, including construction, maintenance and disposal, will be considered when a project is designed to ensure minimum impact on our planet for the duration of the building’s lifetime. We carry out detailed assessments to best guide our customers and our designs to achieve the highest standards.

Re-shaping healthcare environments

Underpinned with expert knowledge in healthcare, our process flow allows you to cherry-pick a varying level of involvement from Health Spaces in your construction project, be it all or just some, to form a solution that meets the exacting requirements of patient and nursing needs, practicality, budget and infection control.

Our healthcare architects will support you throughout your construction project – from healthcare planning and the steps following a project’s sign off, including technical drawings, co-ordination of project designs in line with current and emerging HTM/HBN guidance and all allied statutory compliance.

Experts in healthcare design

Our healthcare design team is led by architects Jaime Bishop and Richard Henson. Jaime Bishop is co-chair of not-for-profit organisation, Architects for Health.

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare architectural design, Jaime and Richard support NHS Trusts to find creative solutions to challenging requirements – from site conditions to planning negotiations. This often includes addressing sensitive planning or listed building issues, working with complex client bodies that may consist of several government agencies and appraising awkward sites that can place a strain on the procurement process. With experience in master planning, strategic advice, health planning and consultation, the team has a proven track record of developing outstanding design with the desire to maintain quality throughout the delivery process.

Healthcare architects, Jaime Bishop and Richard Henson, join hospital design and construction company Health Spaces

“Our buildings are designed to be used: lived in, worked in and healed in. They are for the present, the future and the past of a place and the people that engage in them, not merely the designer at the instance when the hoarding is demounted.” – Jaime Bishop, Co-Chair of Architects for Health.

Beth Roberts is our creative design lead, working closely with and supporting our healthcare architects and design consultants. Passionate about the healing power of architecture, Beth has been instrumental in bringing to life our latest innovations, including Health on the High Street™ and Ambulance Receiving Centres.

The healthcare architects team at Health Spaces we will work closely with you to understand your Trust’s needs, strategy and scope of work.