Project Finance & Funding

When financial pressure begins to impact on patient care, Health Spaces can provide a means of solving these issues to help “press go” on a project to avoid any further delay and help deliver better healthcare, faster.

Health Spaces have secured funding lines and partner with regulated financiers to provide flexible financing options that comply with IFRS and NHS finance guidelines and are available on both MMC and construction works for re-purposing spaces.

Health Spaces funding

Two options to get your project moving forward:

Operating Lease: A project is financed with a fixed monthly payment over a contract term, which is classed as revenue expenditure under IFRS 16 Accounting Rules and is not constrained by CDEL limits.

Capital Purchase: The construction project is paid for in full upon completion of the project as normal. The Trust own the building, and this will come out of the CDEL limit. Some of the VAT will likely be able to be reclaimed.


With our expertise in understanding public sector finance and procurement, we regularly assist our clients in navigating CDEL limits and IFRS 16 regulations.