Decant Ward & Critical Care Unit

The Client

Our Solution

Modular Build


37 Weeks

The Clinical Need

With one of the busiest maternity units in the country, the Trust had to have significant provision for neo-natal intensive care, as well as addressing a lack of critical care beds in the region.

The built environment has a huge impact on clinical outcomes in a critical care environment, so carefully designing the layout and the mechanical and electrical provision was essential. Everything from infection control technology to hot and cold zoning and natural daylight was carefully considered. Health Spaces worked closely with clinical stakeholders to ensure the design met their requirements and was fully compliant with HBN and HTM guidelines.

The Challenges

Due to insufficient standards of fire protection in the existing hospital estate, the Trust had a substantial project on their hands to work through the site, stripping out each ward to replace the fire stopping around all the core services. This project programme was significantly delayed during the pandemic as the hospital had to maximise the amount of space available for patient care.

Simultaneously, the Trust wanted to expand their provision of critical care and were planning to convert existing ward space into a Critical Care Unit (CCU), which would have involved significant derogations from recommended design guidance in Health Building Notes (HBN).

Our Solution

Health Spaces worked with the Trust to get a deep understanding of the range of different constraints and challenges on the site. We could then design a solution that would address all of these challenges in a single construction project that would minimise disruption to the hospital operations. The solution was a two storey building, linked into the main hospital street, to provide a fully compliant 16 bed CCU on the first floor, a 26 bed decant ward and administration offices on the ground floor. This provided the decant space that was crucial to reducing the fire protection works, a compliant CCU and maintaining the number of beds available in the existing estate.