Hospital Ward Design: Single Patient Rooms

The Client

Our Solution

Off-Site Modular Construction


Project in current progress

The Clinical Need

This new healthcare construction project is part of a programme to help provide urgent patient space as James Paget University Hospital undergoes remedial work. While this is being undertaken, the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust requires a new 28 bed hospital ward in order to continue to provide an excellent level of care for patients as well as providing a supportive work environment for staff. In addition to the 28 bed ward, there will be two isolation rooms.

Due to the nature of this construction work, the hospital team will use the Concept Ward as a case study for the wider Trust to trial various principles related to the New Hospital Programme (NHP), including incorporating single-bed patient rooms.

Health Spaces has worked with the hospital team from the beginning of their healthcare construction journey, providing a design and build turnkey solution utilising off-site modular construction.

Single Patient Room designs from Health Spaces | Specialists in hospital modular construction.

The Challenges

Due to the location and urgency of the requirement, the Trust needed rapid deployment with minimal disruption to the live hospital site’s operations, including to patient and staff flow.

In developing the new 28 bed ward, the Trust needed to navigate incorporating the New Hospital Programme (NHP) guidance, working closely with our architects to carefully consider the hospital ward designs, which required detailed investigation with clinicians to consider patient and staff experience, and infection prevention and control.

“What we have been able to do by designing our Concept Ward is take all of those frustrations our staff and our patients feel when we are working and caring for people in those environments, our patients’ feedback, national and international research, our best practice. This Concept Ward is going to try to amalgamate all of those things into one place.” – Paul Morris, Chief Nurse.

The location of this new healthcare build would also require a crane to be in close proximity to busy areas of the hospital.

Hospital modular construction provides clear benefits to the NHS including minimal disruption to a hospital's operations as well as a rapid hospital build. | Health Spaces is a specialist MMC construction company.

Our Solution

“A modern environment with 20 single en-suite bedrooms, offering a greater degree of privacy and dignity to aid recovery.” – Paul Morris, Chief Nurse.

Responding quickly with a site visit and working closely with the Trust’s clinician and estates teams to understand the specific needs of the hospital’s individual requirements – including patient experience, clinical outcomes and operational efficiencies – our healthcare architects worked with the Trust to create a detailed design brief. 

Through a deep discovery phase with the hospital team, the designs were evolved in partnership with the Trust, to include single-occupancy patient rooms (71% single-bed patient rooms).

“Understanding that the design of the ward is intrinsically tied to how you nurse that ward has been one of the most enriching processes of this design process to date.” – Jaime Bishop, architect.

To provide a bespoke rapid build with minimal disruption to the wider hospital, Health Spaces utilised Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to build a modular hospital construction.

Offsite Construction

The new hospital ward was built off-site as a pre-constructed modular solution. Bespoke modular units were manufactured off-site to 75% completion and delivered to the hospital via articulated lorries to ensure for minimal disruption to the hospital. This follows a short installation process. 

Providing a hospital modular construction will enable the Trust to trial various principles related to the New Hospital Programme including the incorporation of single in-patient rooms. To meet the healthcare design team and understand how the ward designs were developed, watch our Journey Towards Single In-Patient Rooms webinar.

Health Spaces are specialists in healthcare design and hospital modular construction. | This hospital construction project is designed to be built and delivered rapidly.

Infection Control

Hospital wards have a high throughput of patients which increases the risk of infection transmission. Health Spaces have worked with the Trust to ensure the space is designed to be easily cleaned and decontaminated, and methods of built-in infection control explored to ensure the clinical teams can effectively prevent and control any infection risk.

“Constructing this new ward is an exciting and important project for the Trust – and brings two benefits. Firstly, it will give us additional capacity so we can continue a programme of precautionary remedial works to our hospital roof in our ward areas. In addition, by incorporating the latest specifications, it will provide us with valuable information to assist with ward design within our new hospital, for the benefit of both our patients and staff.” – Mark Flynn, Director of Strategic Projects, James Paget University Hospital.

Current Progress – Hospital Modular Construction

The area within the new building footprint has been cleared and boundary fencing is up, site signage erected, and acoustic protective barrier installed. An area was cleared for extra staff car parking, and the self-sufficient staff welfare cabins have been delivered and installed.

November saw the completion of groundworks ready for delivery and installation of our modular buildings to site.

December 2022 update

“All the planned modules have now been safely installed. The four remaining link modules will be installed in the new year. It has been incredibly exciting for Health Spaces and the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust team seeing our pre-constructed modules arrive to site – with modules measuring up to 4.2m wide, and the heaviest unit being 22.5 tonnes! With the appropriate traffic management in place, we have been able to safely deliver all 37 modules to the live hospital site with minimal disruption to hospital operations. An important milestone for the whole team, and we look forward to progressing the build to pace in the new year” – Stuart Rawson, Contract Manager.


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