Orthopaedic Theatre

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The Clinical Need

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Trust had to close down their non-essential, elective surgery to increase their capacity to care for COVID patients and minimise risk of transmission of the virus.

With no orthopaedic provision for over a year, the Trust had to form a recovery plan to increase their capacity and ability to cope with increasing demand and the backlog. In addition to theatre space, the Trust needed inpatient wards and recovery areas, along with the suite of ancillary spaces required. With any invasive surgery comes the risk of infection, so careful attention was given to incorporate features that help with infection prevention and control.

The Challenges

In the aftermath of a pandemic, with no orthopaedic theatre provision and a growing backlog, the Trust were faced with a significant challenge. With tight constraints on the hospital site, but with the opportunity of future funding, they needed a partner to help them work out what could be achieved and develop
a high-level scheme they could use to apply for the future funds and get moving with quickly once secured.

Our Solution

Responding quickly with a site visit, the Health Spaces team were able to work closely with the hospital Estates and Clinical teams to understand the clinical challenge and the wider estates plan across the site.

We could then develop a four storey orthopaedic block, including theatre space and inpatient ward accommodation to help them break the backlog and provide world-class patient care.