Working Towards Net Zero Carbon Buildings

Sustainability is at the core of our thinking. Designing using existing resources, facilities and products has a significant and real impact on our planet. We will look to ensure each of our projects meets the clients requirements, targets and sustainability commitments. We believe it’s about a partnership at the outset; long-term, everyone benefits.

Our NHS, as a key role model nationally, has set ambitious sustainability targets which our construction projects will be a significant part of. We’ve developed our offering to ensure we can be a key partner in achieving these targets.

Building for the future

Sustainability in construction isn’t just about using sustainably sourced building resources. As a designer and builder of new spaces, we understand our duty of care to ensure we consider the future impact on our environment.

The full life-cycle of the building, including construction, maintenance and disposal must be considered when the project is designed to ensure minimum impact on our planet for the duration of the building’s lifetime.

ISO 14001 Certification

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, Health Spaces has gained ISO 14001 certification, making sure our solutions comply with increasingly stringent environmental laws and regulations, as well as delivering on our promise of better healthcare, faster.

Creating sustainable healthcare buildings is at the heart of our healthcare construction services at Health Spaces

Supporting NHS targets

We work with accredited Sustainability Assessors to help NHS Trusts achieve
recognised standards including BREEAM, Net Zero Carbon and Passivhaus.

We carry out a number of reports and assessments to best guide our customers and our designs to achieve the highest standards, including:

  • Energy statements
  • SAP 10 & 12 calculations
  • Circular Economy Statements
  • Low zero carbon feasibility studies
  • Whole life-cycle carbon assessments