Modular Construction Company

Our Process

We’re with you from start to finish, and any step along the way…

Underpinned with expert knowledge in healthcare, our process flow allows our customers to cherry-pick a varying level of involvement from Health Spaces in their project, be it all or just some, to form a solution that meets the exacting requirements of practicality, budget and infection control.

  1. Understand: Our discovery into the clinical need
  2. Design: Concepts, drawings and initial planning
  3. Cost: Budgets, financial options and funding advice
  4. Planning: Creating the full schedule of the project
  5. Build: Central project management that delivers

Our Core Pillars

We’ve made it our mission to transform spaces into health spaces. Every project we undertake follows the direction set by our core pillars to provide a lasting solution that fulfils the specific clinical needs of our customers, and all within a time-frame that can help to deliver better healthcare, faster.

  • Invest Before Reward: We share the risk of exploring new schemes by providing supporting design and technical work speculatively
  • Rapid Response: We’ve built our team to respond quickly, from the first phone call to the finished project
  • Solve the Clinical Need: We dig deep to understand the clinical need, and find creative solutions to fix it

The Clinical Review Panel

The Clinical Review Panel is our sense check, it’s a chance for us to discuss and develop our designs and solutions with industry experts in an ever-changing landscape, to make sure that we are providing the very best outcomes that are right for now and the future.

Clinicians from different fields of expertise review our proposals, and work with our design teams to help establish the ‘right-fit’ for your project, incorporating innovation, infection control needs and future-proofing the clinical setting.