MRI suite design

Diagnostic areas have a high throughput of patients and include cutting-edge modern technology that is always being upgraded. Our design of an MRI scanner suite allows for easy maintenance and replacement of technology, and built-in infection control technology allows for rapid environmental decontamination between patients to minimise the transmission of hospital acquired infections.

Repeatable rooms – MRI suite design

The MRI suite allows patients to undergo scanning with constant aural/visual contact with clinical staff monitoring the procedure in the adjacent room which has a large vision panel enabling patients to see the clinical staff.

Patients may arrive on foot, in a wheelchair or on a trolley or bed. The room may be required to administer and prepare contrast media, I.V injections, general anaesthetic and other sterile procedures prior to the procedure, therefore suitable equipment needs to be readily available. A sub waiting room should be close by to the MRI suite along with a WC for patients to use before or after their procedure.

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