Modern Methods of Construction Hospital

Building new ways of thinking into new types of spaces…

The needs and trends within healthcare are always moving and in order to respond to these new demands we constantly look for opportunities to implement a positive change to deliver better healthcare, faster.

Our innovative solutions and systems stem from our unique understanding of the specific clinical needs and pressure points within healthcare, which are then easily adapted into the individual requirements and infrastructure of our customers.

A good idea can become a great idea when it’s made available to everyone.

Patient Equipment Cleaning Centre

Our Patient Equipment Cleaning Centre (PECC) introduces a dedicated, centralised facility for cleaning and storing patient equipment that provides the following benefits to hospitals, staff and patients:

  • More time given to nurses to provide patient care
  • Increased patient flow with rapid turnaround of bed spaces
  • Enhanced cleanliness of patient equipment and surroundings
  • Staff training, implementation and reporting systems in place
  • Improved patient experience with higher hospital standards

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Ambulance Handover Centre

With no let-up in the strain on our NHS, we’re now currently experiencing unprecedented pressure on admissions in A&E which have led to delays in ambulance drop-off times and as result, ambulance response times are rising.

Health Spaces have developed a short-term solution to alleviate drop-off delays that can be implemented in under 10 weeks. This rapidly deployable solution requires no formal planning application and can be in-place to help relieve the pressures of patient flow as soon as you need it.

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Health on the High Street™

Health on the High Street™ offers a very simple solution to solving two key issues facing society by providing capacity to help alleviate hospital pressures whilst also encouraging footfall back to ailing high streets.

Health Spaces offer NHS Trusts an operating lease of fully fitted, fully compliant, multi-purpose clinical spaces in high street locations throughout the UK. This is a fast track and cost-effective way of up-scaling capacity, and is proving a popular way of tackling growing RTT waiting times in elective care.

The Health on the High Street model is also an excellent solution for accommodating Community Diagnostic Hubs in the region.

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Built-in infection control

Working alongside our sister company Inivos®, and as part of the wider healthcare offering within SHS, we have access to years of experience and understanding into infection control, prevention methods and technologies.

The result of this for our customers is a streamlined thought process to integrate best-practices, tried-and-tested methodology and automated technology into our solutions. We design a space that goes beyond the obvious clinical need and incorporates the necessary technologies to reduce added pressures, such as infection control.

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