Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

MMC Construction Company

What are Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)?

The term Modern Methods of Construction describes the employment of innovative practices to rapidly create high quality buildings, utilising a range of off-site manufacturing and on-site techniques to provide alternatives to traditional construction. MMC techniques offer a rapid construction solution compared to traditional building methods.

The UK Government has been increasingly encouraging and incentivising the use of Modern Methods of Construction for building projects across the public sector.

As an MMC construction company, our unique approach to MMC incorporates strategic supply chain partnerships to provide a wide range of MMC types for different needs that include:

  • Traditional volumetric modular buildings
  • System-build wall panels
  • Light gauge steel frame (LGSF)
  • Passivhaus timber frame modular building
  • Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs)
Health Spaces is a MMC Construction Company offering flexible Modern Methods of Construction solutions for the NHS.

Modern Methods of Construction: flexibility

Different projects have different priorities, and by being an MMC construction company we can offer flexible solutions – we are not restricted to one system in any particular production facility, enabling us to provide the best solution in the time you need it.

True to our turnkey methodology, Health Spaces can work with your Estates and Clinical teams to provide an end-to-end service, including:

  • Design & Specification
  • Manufacturing
  • Groundworks
  • Interior Fit-Out
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical & Service Connections
What is Modern Methods of Construction? | Health Spaces is a MMC Construction Company for the NHS

The benefits of Modern Methods of Construction

Maximising off-site construction through MMC has a number of financial and practical benefits for the NHS that include:

  • Minimising disruption to live hospital sites
  • 95% less waste than traditional build
  • Rapid delivery to meet urgent clinical requirements
  • Cost effective
  • Repeatable economies of scale
  • Reduced carbon footprint
By using an MMC Construction Company, the NHS can take advantage of rapid healthcare construction with little disruption to a hospital site.

MMC case studies

Many of our healthcare construction projects employ MMC techniques, including pre-constructed off-site modular builds to ensure for a rapid build and minimal disruption to patient flow and site operations. Read our case studies.

“The minimal disruption to our day to day operations that this Modern Method of Construction (MMC) offers is a serious advantage over traditional building techniques, and our colleagues in Radiology are very much looking forward to the new facility being operational in a matter of weeks.” – Oliver Needham, Capital Project Manager, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

MMC vs traditional construction

Working with NHS Trusts across the UK, Health Spaces recently hosted a workshop which examined the differences between MMC construction and traditional methods of construction in healthcare builds. You can access the recording via our resources pages.