Ambulance Handover Centre

Maintaining Patient Flow from the Start

With no let-up in the strain on our NHS, we’re now currently experiencing unprecedented pressure on admissions in A&E which have led to delays in ambulance drop-off times and as result, ambulance response times are rising.

As winter approaches and the extent of any Covid-19 impact yet to become apparent, the need to establish a way of safely caring for patients in this scenario is paramount.

Health Spaces have developed a short-term solution to alleviate drop-off delays that can be implemented in under 10 weeks. This rapidly deployable solution requires no formal planning application and can be in-place to help relieve the pressures of patient flow as soon as you need it.

Rapid, Modular Facility

Hard sided (glass wall) and rigid inflated roof available in 12 weeks

Details & Services

  • Toilet and hand wash stations included
  • Includes power, heating and lighting
  • Height: 3.5m
  • Customisable and scalable based on 5x5m modular units

Weekly rental solution, price dependent on size