How we can help to reduce waiting lists

A development of our re-purposing work, we’ve supported Trusts across the UK to create clinical spaces in vacant retail and light industrial buildings.

Long before the recent pandemic, high streets across the country have been in a gradual stage of decline with many high street retailers closing stores and leaving behind large empty premises that result in a reduction of footfall for neighbouring businesses, leading to further decline and an unwanted social outcome.

On the other side of cities and towns, and in typically less central locations, hospitals are already full to capacity with little or no means to physically expand, leading to ever-growing waiting lists.

Health on the High Street™ offers a very simple solution to solve two high-profile social and economical issues that can help alleviate hospital pressures and waiting times whilst bringing footfall and life back to ailing high streets.

Health Spaces offer NHS Trusts an operating lease of fully fitted, fully compliant, multi-purpose clinical spaces in high street locations throughout the UK. This is a fast-track and cost-effective way of upscaling capacity, and is proving a popular way of tackling growing RTT waiting times in elective care.

The Health on the High Street model is also an excellent solution for accommodating Community Diagnostic Hubs in the region.

High street locations are often more accessible than main hospital sites with readily available parking and public transport, reducing DNAs for the Trust

Reduces traffic into main hospital sites whilst limiting infection risk and transmission from the community into areas of acute care and vice-versa

Removes infrastructure constraints and increases capacity on the main hospital sites for acute care

Provides a significant cost-saving per square metre, reduces waste and embodied carbon when compared to new build projects

Helps drive an increase in footfall to high street locations providing regeneration within communities and retail establishments

Moving healthcare into our community

Health Spaces work with Integrated Care Systems and Hospital Trusts on strategic projects to move non-acute healthcare services into more accessible locations away from congested acute hospital sites. Outpatients and diagnostic services can be accommodated in re-purposed buildings on our high streets, improving capacity and patient experience as well as enhancing our local economies and communities.

  • Real Estate: Forming the property brief with the clinical team and searching for options
  • Options Appraisal: Feasibility studies to assess property options available
  • Design & Build: Complete turnkey solution to re-purpose the building
  • Finance: The new facility is offered to the NHS as a fully-fitted space on a simple rental basis