Off-Site Modular Construction

Modern Methods of Construction at Leicester General Hospital with modular building | Health Spaces is a modular construction company for the NHS

The Client

Our Solution

Off-Site Modular Construction


Units arrive to site pre-built

The Clinical Need

To help improve patient experience by increasing space for staff operations, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust urgently needed to extend its Radiology Department at Leicester General Hospital. The space required reporting for six operators, including a breakout space, WC and kitchenette.

Hospital construction services - Health Spaces at Leicester General Hospital

The Challenges

Due to the location of the space, Leicester General Hospital needed to ensure for rapid deployment with minimal disruption to services. The urgent nature of the requirement did not allow for a traditional construction to be built at site – Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) were required for this hospital construction.


Working within a constrained programme and budget, the design proposed by the Health Spaces team needed to provide the most appropriate lighting conditions to support the radiologists when reviewing the x-rays.

Our Solution

Responding quickly with a site visit, the Health Spaces team worked closely with University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust to understand the challenge and the wider plan across the Leicester General Hospital site.

We developed a bespoke turnkey modular build, complete with six radiology reporting desks, four screens per desk, dimmable lighting for each reporting station, soundproof barriers between desks, cooling and ventilation. In addition, the space provides a breakout space for staff, complete with kitchenette and WC. The modular units have been manufactured off-site ensuring for a rapid on-site deployment. Oliver Needham, Capital Project Manager, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust:

“Working with the Health Spaces team has been really good; everyone has been really proactive.”

Modular hospital build being delivered on lorry to hospital | Health Spaces modular healthcare construction


Our modular units were manufactured off-site to ensure for minimal disruption for the Trust’s operations, and have now been delivered to the site at Leicester General Hospital. Due to the nature of this modular build, our deliveries to and from the hospital were minimal. The modular units were delivered by an articulated HGV vehicles, and unloaded using mobile craneage which was coordinated with the Trust’s site management and health and safety teams. All deliveries were managed via ‘Just In Time’ methods. Following delivery, a short installation process was undertaken before being ready for staff to use.

“The minimal disruption to our day to day operations that this Modern Method of Construction (MMC) offers is a serious advantage over traditional building techniques, and our colleagues in Radiology are very much looking forward to the new facility being operational in a matter of weeks.”

Modular healthcare build completed at Leicester General Hospital | Modern Methods of Construction modular builds delivered to hospital

Architectural Notes:


We have added the discrete breakout space to the project, within contrasting levels of natural light and views, to support the users’ eye health by changing conditions and depth of viewing field compared to the close-up inspection of clinical images.

While we await the publication of the new Health Building Note concerning imaging, this is in line with the recommendations of the Radiology – GIRFT Programme National Specialty Report, which states: “Several Trusts we visited have introduced shared reporting rooms, with appropriate lighting and workstations, to make it easier to view images. These facilities also serve to encourage collaborative working between members of the radiology team – particularly important for trainees as they begin to take on more responsibility and reporting radiographers. Alongside these core reporting stations, these facilities should also have separate spaces for group discussion, so that the whole team is not disturbed by that conversation…”.

Infection Control 

The space is designed to be easily cleaned and decontaminated using methods of built-in infection control to ensure clinical teams can effectively prevent and control any infection risk.

Modular buildings for hospitals at Leicester General Hospital | Health Spaces, a healthcare construction company

Day 1: Groundworks