Multi-bed bay design

Whilst a higher percentage of single rooms is being encouraged, open bay areas are still used in most ward designs. Our 4-bed bays allow maximum observation for nursing staff and allow for patients to be cohorted where necessary, as well as being more space-efficient and cost-efficient than using single rooms. We have incorporated features to bring some of the benefits of single rooms into our 4-bed bay designs to seek to capture the best of both worlds.

Repeatable rooms – four-bed multi-bed bay design

The multi-bed bay offers a relaxing space for patients to rest and recover during their stay. While being surrounded by others, patients can also make a private space by drawing the curtain for dressing or consulting with their doctor. Patients may also receive visitors during their stay, so adequate space within each bay should be allocated for extra seating and people moving around without interrupting others. Medicines for use by the patient are stored securely in a personal locker along with any personal belongings and clothing, while patient records can be easily accessible to clinical staff when examining patients.

Social space should be close by to allow patients to leave their beds and interact with nurses, visitors, and other patients throughout their stay. The space has a working supply of linen, amenities and consumables which are stored in their own dedicated space. 

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