4-Bed Bay

Whilst a higher percentage of single rooms is being encouraged, open bay areas are still used in most ward designs. 4-bed bays allow maximum observation for nursing staff and allow for patients to be cohorted where necessary, as well as being more space-efficient and cost-efficient than using single rooms. We have incorporated features to bring some of the benefits of single rooms into our 4-bed bay designs to seek to capture the best of both worlds.

ADB – B0405

  1. Built-in Ultra-V Connect™ ultraviolet (UV-C) decontamination to minimise transmission of infections
  2. Storage of patient records for easy access during review and note-taking​
  3. Movable bed tray allows meals or refreshments whilst in bed, by the bed or in the sitting space
  4. External views and natural daylight for all patients
  5. Uncluttered, clean surfaces create a relaxed environment
  6. Family/visitor seating
  7. Patient seating
  8. Ambulant WC
  9. Wide-access doorways to maximise observation from the corridor for nursing