Hospital Refurbishment

Many Estates teams struggle with an ageing hospital estate that is no longer compliant or fit for purpose. Health Spaces provides a turnkey consultancy, design and construction service to refurbish spaces into healthcare facilities that are fully compliant with HTM (Health Technical Memoranda) and HBN (Health Building Notes) guidelines.

Re-purposing is a cost-effective and sustainable way of increasing capacity and improving standards of patient care. Redundant and under-utilised office or archive space can be rapidly converted into clinical environments without the cost and delay of constructing new buildings. Re-purpose existing areas can make the space work harder and smarter for your current clinical need.

A change of space

Re-purposing can also be undertaken as a wider hospital improvement project alongside additional building work to fully maximise the available estate footprint and complement new modular additions.

The Health Spaces professional team can carry out investigative surveys and collaborate with your Estates team to understand the current infrastructure and we can then advise on what works are required to create a world-class facility for patient care.

Health Spaces offer new build and re-purposing healthcare construction services.

The Benefits

Re-purposing provides a hospital with multiple benefits including:

  • Upgrades to preventative infection control methods
  • Improved patient flow
  • Conformity to current building legislation
  • Improvements to structural integrity
  • A productive use of current undervalued space
  • Upgrade of systems