Modular Healthcare Construction

n the healthcare design process, Health Spaces worked rapidly with the NHS Trust to design and build an off-site modular construction to meet the hospital's bespoke requirements.

The Client

Our Solution

Off-Site Modular Construction


Units arrive to site pre-constructed, 1 day installation

The Clinical Need

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust urgently needed to extend its Radiology Department at Leicester General Hospital to create a CDH reporting centre for six operators, including a breakout space, WC and kitchenette.

Health Spaces used off-site construction methods to create a modular healthcare building for rapid delivery to the NHS Trust

Healthcare Design

The reporting hub forms a critical component of the community diagnostic hub for the hospital. In the design process we worked extremely rapidly with the Trust and the radiology team to take a seed of an idea and develop it into a buildable solution which is now on site a couple of months later on.

As with all of our work we try to find how we can support the user and users in our design. The reporting room itself is designed to be acoustically very comfortable, it has adjustable lighting for each of the workstations. We’ve even included innovations like the adjustable height work benches so that the physical comfort isn’t a distraction from the really important work the clinicians are doing.

Inside a modular building created for the NHS | Health Spaces is a MMC construction company specialising in modular healthcare buildings for the NHS

“The idea was intended as a ‘Who’s-Who of Leicester’ meets ‘Where’s Wally’ – this tongue-in-cheek reference is rooted in our aim to offer some visual relief to the radiologists. The naturally lit kitchen with its whole wall birds-eye view of Leicester affords the users some long range relief from the intensive short range focus of their daily work.” – Richard Henson, architect.


Inside this modular hospital building we created an interior suited to the NHS staff using the healthcare space

The Health Spaces Difference

A key component of the design was the staff breakout space, encouraging interaction between the clinicians, but also offering a very different and contrasting space in terms of the natural light and the finishes to the reporting room to give a visual break from that space. We included elements like brighter colours, artwork and a large picture window to give this real contrast to the space staff would be in for most of the working day.

“It is a great draw for our colleagues who all want to work in the new facility. To have had the chance to have input into the design and specification, through to seeing the building delivered and to getting the imaging equipment installed has been a great process to be part of.  It’s been a great example of the various departments within the Trust working together to improve the facilities at UHL for both our staff and patients.

“The Leicester-themed wall art in the breakout space is also a great talking point for the staff over a cup of coffee, and something that we are grateful to Health Spaces for suggesting!” – Hinesh Patel, Imaging Systems Manager.

Modular off-site construction for hospitals and healthcare

“The fact that we managed to complete the groundworks with no issues, meant that we were able to use the contingency funds to renew the hardstanding around the new building, including improving disabled access around this part of the site with widened and repaved walkways, and renewing dropped kerbs.  We also installed benches made from recycled plastic bottles for staff and visitors to use, and it is great to be able to deliver these small finishing touches to a scheme which has already been so well received by colleagues and patients alike.” – Oliver Needham, Capital Project Manager.

Hospital off-site construction with modular units in place